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"Don't Give Up on Me" skillfully weaves Darryl's story of childhood abuse, anxiety, drug and alcohol addiction with easy-to-understand explanations of addiction from trained professionals. Presented through the eyes of a psychoanalyst, a neuropsychiatrist, a licensed clinical social worker, and an addiction specialist, this book offers hope and a path to healing.

By shedding the light on addiction,"Don't Give Up on Me"speaks to all people - from those who are still trapped in the depths of addiction, to those who are currently in recovery, to caregivers, parents, friends, and therapists. This book also stresses the importance of healthy parenting--feelings of low self-esteem, low self-worth, bullying, as well as emotional and physical pain, can sow the seeds of substance abuse at an early age.

Whether the addiction is to alcohol, heroin or other opiates, gambling, food, or sex, this book shares the hard truths and hopeful messages for anyone impacted by this deadly dilemma.


Darryl Strawberry has triumphed not only on the baseball diamond, but in life. The Mets and Yankees World Series champion and All-Star outfielder was one of baseball’s most feared sluggers but was derailed by addiction before finally winning the ultimate battle. In the Fall of 2017, Cirillo World was proud to serve as publicist for Darryl's book, "Don't Give Up on Me," with bookings on such prominent television outlets as FOX Business Channel, PIX11, and FOX 5, as well as WFAN, WABC, ESPN and FOX Radio. 

Don't Give Up on Me: Shedding Light on Addiction with Darryl Strawberry by Shawn Powell